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If you decide to live in Atlanta, GA please be very cautious of what part of the city you move to and its apartment complexes. My particular experience was with Highland Willows Apartments, formerly called Willow Wick Apartments. I hope this review serves as a serious warning. Well, foremost Highland Willows Apartments can be found at 6071 Highway 85 in Riverdale, GA 30274. Their main phone number is 770-997-1557. The manager's name is Latrise (hopefully I spelled it correctly).

I just want to warn anyone who is currently searching for affordable apartments or townhouses, to look elsewhere. First, I have to mention that maintenance is non-existent. If anything breaks in your apartment, you will have to wait a lifetime before one of their cheaply paid unprofessional illegal immigrants come by to even look at anything. I have always had to call multiple times about the same issue. I've lived there for several months and from move in day I have seen roaches the size of most small dogs. You can call and call to request an exterminator, but no one ever returns calls or fixes the problem. Luckily, another neighbor suggested I use boric acid to put on the corners of the floors which helped somewhat. I later was told by residents that Atlanta apartment complexes are notorious for roaches, but part of your apartment property manager/landlord's job is to aid in resolving bug issues.

Speaking of apartment property manager's and landlords. Latrise as mentioned earlier is Highland Willows's Apartment Manager. Myself and other residents would feel more at ease if this woman was investigated properly as there is always some story floating around about her mishandling rent money for leases. In addition to this she constantly harasses other tenants asking who comes and leaves their apartment everyday. I do know that tenants have rights, and it is not ok for her to harass people. If there is not any peace disturbances or any illegal activity going on, there's no reason to bother people like this. It's almost humorous, because she walks pass drug dealers all the time in the apartment complex, but prefers to bother those who are just simply trying to live. I would not recommend Highland Willows to anyone. The experience has been horrible which is why I did not choose to renew a lease with them. My rent was paid on time, and a good tenant deserves better. Aside from this, the property itself is horrible. Everything is ridiculously cheap which is why it breaks so much, and once again maintenance will not fix anything until weeks later. The water is always getting shut off without any notice so it was never uncommon to go to work without a shower. To conclude, there are a million complexes in and around Atlanta, GA; DO NOT choose Highland Willows.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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THANK YOU for the warning!

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